Prove your love on Blockchain.

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Just because your country or government has a record of it doesn't mean that you can prove that love.
On the flip side, even if you can't get your government to formalize your relationship, you know that love exists there Blockchain, a decentralized way of recording transactions in a provable way, allows you to demonstrate your love.

Blockchain explained

Blockchain is a technology that operates on a self-distributed architecture and utilizes encryption and peer-to-peer networks to validate transactions even in the absence of a third-party organization. One derivative of this technology that has gained attention is Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency.


SoulGem records an entry of your love in a Blockchain.
Records made in a Blockchain cannot be deleted, so your love will persist forever.

In addition, you cannot falsify entries on Blockchain. Therefore, you can demonstrate that your dating history and that of your partner is completely true and free of falsehood.


  • Issues a marriage certificate and love certificate
  • You can print out the certificates and share them with friends
  • You can browse your dating history and that of your partner



Enter your telephone number and link with your prospective partner


Confirm whether your partner matches and check their dating history


Fill out application form


Record your love in a Blockchain and get a marriage certificate

Technical Specifications

Write your dating history onto the Blockchain having UTXO model

  • Create a transaction to transfer an amount of 1 coin each from SoulGem wallet to the permanent storage wallet and two partners.
  • Write in your status (dating, married, broken up) into the Script of your two partners.
*What is a permanent storage wallet?

Normally, it is possible for a transaction to be deleted from the peer-to-peer network once all of the coins in the transaction are used up. By transferring 1 coin into a permanent storage wallet however, the transaction can be safely preserved in perpetuity. Because the private key of a permanent storage wallet is deleted upon the creation of the wallet, it is impossible for anyone including SIVIRA to use it.

Check dating history

1. Polls index of transactions for the target user

Seeing the details of a transaction allows one to browse a user's dating history
  1. By checking the transaction index for that user (wallet), you can verify their history.
  2. vout within transactions correspond to the wallet address of partners.

2. Check contents of transactions